Monday, October 21, 2013

Henna hair

Henna Hair

The hair on a persons head can use the luster it has due to all the processing that we do to it. Henna has become a very popular type of plant ingredient added to provide various proteins to the scalp and the hair. As a result it becomes healthier than it has been in a very long time. You need to realize though that henna will color your hair too. If you want a nice black color though this may be just what you need.

Many individuals have found that using henna on their hair makes it thicker and fuller than it ever has been before. It will give it a shiny coat and many people also say it makes their hair grow much faster. Of course not everyone will get the same results from using henna on their hair. That is why you are strongly encouraged to do a test on a few strands first.

Once you have completed the strand test you will have to decide if you like the color that your hair will be. The longer you leave the henna on the darker the color will be. Make sure you record the amount of time that has passed for the test strand so you can know how long to leave it in your hair if you decide to move forward with the process. Most people find they have to leave the henna on their hair for at least an hour though to see a significant change in the color.

In addition to black, there are many colors of henna you can choose from. Many people with dark brown hair have added highlights with henna as it stands out more and it wont damage the hair like many over the counter products can. Many professional salons now offer henna hair care too if you arent willing to do the process on your own.

If you already have hair color on though you dont want to apply henna to it. Even if you use a kit to remove the hair color you will want to wait at least two months before you put henna on. The chemicals from such products will result in the henna not working effectively for you.


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