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Hemorrhoids description symptoms and treatment

Hemorrhoids Description, Symptoms and Treatment

Hemorrhoids are a relatively minor medical problem which is however, both uncomfortable and quite embarrassing. Read on, and find out about the symptoms and the various treatments.

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What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids (or piles are they are more commonly known) are simply the veins in your anus which have become distended (swollen with blood). This is very similar to varicose veins, where the vein becomes large and lumpy, only these veins are around the anus which makes it a bit more embarrassing.

The vein swelling can affect the part of the anal canal just above the sphincter where it is less well supported and protected causing Internal Hemorrhoids. Or it can affect the veins at the lower end of the canal causing External Hemorrhoids. Either of these types can exhibit the same kinds of symptoms and are generally quite uncomfortable in most cases.

Hemorrhoids affect approximately 50% of the population and appear to be distributed evenly across both male and females although anecdotally, it appears that pregnant women are quite susceptible to this condition.

What are the symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

There are a number of symptoms of Hemorrhoids which as is usual with most medical sy


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